October 3, 2016

Need inspiration for your home décor? The interiors at Inspire Downtown Scottsdale are known for their bold and playful style. The 97 modern residences will be complete with fresh and innovative designs, pops of color, and strong, minimalistic features.


The extremely talented team at the Deco Design Studio curated the units with fun features like classic glass mosaics in contemporary, bright colors inspired by the property’s branding. Different sizes of peacock blue, bright pink melon, sunset orange, and yellow glasses were customization options for early buyers to choose from when devising their interiors with help from our Design Studio Team.


The visual concepts at Inspire take full advantage of current design trends. Here are our three favorite inspired design tips of the moment:


Mixing Colors & Patterns with Classic Pieces

Photo Credit: Elle Decor

Photo Credit: Elle Decor

Famed fashion designer, Christian Siriano’s home is a great example of ways to use bright colors and patterns. He also mixes modern and classic, rustic pieces for a unique interior space.

Photo Credit: Elle Decor

Photo Credit: Elle Decor


Updated Kilim


Another contemporary trend is Kilim, which is an easy way to incorporate fun bright colors and patterns. The updated version of the rugs with Persian and Turkish origins has recently exploded on Pinterest. Traditionally, the word “Kilim” stands for flat tapestry-woven carpets or rugs, which can be used both decoratively and as prayer rugs.

Photo Credit: Emily Henderson

Photo Credit: Emily Henderson

Recently, Kilim has been widely offered in bright, modern colors and patterns and can easily add pop to a room as a rug, pillow, or throw.


A Gallery Wall


Large art pieces are great additions to a space, but a gallery wall that displays a collection of varied pieces can be a wonderful way to show your personality, and maybe even your fondest memories. Below are some easy steps to help you during the hanging process:


-First, choose the main focal point of your gallery wall. It could be a mirror, your favorite print, or even an animal bust. It helps if it is eye catching as it will be the center of attention. An oddly shaped piece may work well here.

-Second, clear a space on the floor or a large table to lie out all of the pieces you want to be included on the wall. This allows you to take your time and see how the pieces can interact with each other.

-Third, make some paper cutouts of the pieces you plan to hang up. Tape up the paper cutouts on the wall to ensure you like the layout and scale. That way you can adjust accordingly before you start putting holes in the wall.

-Finally, start hanging. Good luck!


Tools to assist with this process: a level, nails/screws, hammer/screwdriver/drill, pencil (so you can easily erase marks on the wall), and a tape measurer. Command Strips are great for concrete walls or in rental units where holes are not permitted.


Have an Inspired Style?


Did the above trends resonate with your personal style? You might be the perfect fit for Inspire Downtown Scottsdale! Come and decide for yourself by visiting our Sales Center, open daily from 10AM-5:30PM, located on the NE corner of Bishop & Goldwater (3637 N Goldwater Blvd, Ste 101, Scottsdale, AZ 85251). You can make an appointment by calling 480.947.7004 or emailing info@inspirecondos.com.