September 8, 2016

National Dog Day was a few weeks ago on Friday, August 26, and here at Deco, we love our furry, four-legged friends. So much, in fact, that we allow most breeds at all three of our for-sale properties, and we have even included some dog-friendly amenities.


Pet Wash Station at Edison Midtown

Deco is thrilled to offer a pet wash station at our Central Phoenix project, Edison Midtown. The set-up will be similar to something you would see at a Wag N’Wash, a large tub area with a handheld showerhead that extends for easy cleaning.

Image from Wag N'Wash

Image from Wag N’Wash

The Edison pet wash station will be a great option for residents who want to clean their pets without leaving their home, and also without getting their living space dirty and smelling of wet dog. The pet wash station will also offer a large open area perfect for drying off your newly clean pup.


Desert Garden Trail at Inspire Downtown Scottsdale

At our Scottsdale property, Inspire, we have included the Desert Garden Trail as an amenity to our residents (and their pets!). Living in a multifamily community can be difficult with dogs at times, as most units don’t have easy access to a yard area from their patio doors.

Inspire Downtown Scottsdale

Inspire Downtown Scottsdale

Deco hopes we’ve succeeded at solving this problem at Inspire Downtown Scottsdale, where residents can exercise their dogs by walking the on-site Desert Garden Trail. The Trail will be lined with sanitary bags for easy clean up.


Dog Friendly Activities in the Phoenix Valley

Aside from enjoying the on-site amenities available for your pets, there are also some great dog-friendly activities near Edison and Inspire.

In the Inspire Downtown Scottsdale neighborhood:


In the Edison Midtown neighborhood:


Dog Safety in the Arizona Summer

As any AZ resident knows, our summer temperatures are some of the hottest in the world, and can pose dangers to your dog. It’s important to be aware of the warning signs of a doggie heat stroke:

  • Heavy/uncontrolled panting
  • Excessive drooling
  • Reddened gums
  • Rapid heart rate

It’s also good to be mindful of how hot the ground gets during the day, and that the high temperature remains after the sun goes down. This is why experts recommended walking your dog before 8AM in the summer months.

As a general rule of thumb, if it’s above 90°F and sunny, it’s probably too warm for your dog to be outside for longer than 10-15 min.


Meet the Dogs of Deco

Deco Brand Manager, Lauren Witte's corgi, Conan

Deco Brand Manager, Lauren Witte’s corgi, Conan


So stylish in his D&G's

Deco’s Director of Operations’ rescue pup, Helios