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Home Décor Inspiration from Inspire Downtown Scottsdale

October 3, 2016

Need inspiration for your home décor? The interiors at Inspire Downtown Scottsdale are known for their bold and playful style. The 97 modern residences will be complete with fresh and innovative designs, pops of color, and strong, minimalistic features.


The extremely talented team at the Deco Design Studio curated the units with fun features like classic glass mosaics in contemporary, bright colors inspired by the property’s branding. Different sizes of peacock blue, bright pink melon, sunset orange, and yellow glasses were customization options for early buyers to choose from when devising their interiors with help from our Design Studio Team.


The visual concepts at Inspire take full advantage of current design trends. Here are our three favorite inspired design tips of the moment:


Mixing Colors & Patterns with Classic Pieces

Photo Credit: Elle Decor

Photo Credit: Elle Decor

Famed fashion designer, Christian Siriano’s home is a great example of ways to use bright colors and patterns. He also mixes modern and classic, rustic pieces for a unique interior space.

Photo Credit: Elle Decor

Photo Credit: Elle Decor


Updated Kilim


Another contemporary trend is Kilim, which is an easy way to incorporate fun bright colors and patterns. The updated version of the rugs with Persian and Turkish origins has recently exploded on Pinterest. Traditionally, the word “Kilim” stands for flat tapestry-woven carpets or rugs, which can be used both decoratively and as prayer rugs.

Photo Credit: Emily Henderson

Photo Credit: Emily Henderson

Recently, Kilim has been widely offered in bright, modern colors and patterns and can easily add pop to a room as a rug, pillow, or throw.


A Gallery Wall


Large art pieces are great additions to a space, but a gallery wall that displays a collection of varied pieces can be a wonderful way to show your personality, and maybe even your fondest memories. Below are some easy steps to help you during the hanging process:


-First, choose the main focal point of your gallery wall. It could be a mirror, your favorite print, or even an animal bust. It helps if it is eye catching as it will be the center of attention. An oddly shaped piece may work well here.

-Second, clear a space on the floor or a large table to lie out all of the pieces you want to be included on the wall. This allows you to take your time and see how the pieces can interact with each other.

-Third, make some paper cutouts of the pieces you plan to hang up. Tape up the paper cutouts on the wall to ensure you like the layout and scale. That way you can adjust accordingly before you start putting holes in the wall.

-Finally, start hanging. Good luck!


Tools to assist with this process: a level, nails/screws, hammer/screwdriver/drill, pencil (so you can easily erase marks on the wall), and a tape measurer. Command Strips are great for concrete walls or in rental units where holes are not permitted.


Have an Inspired Style?


Did the above trends resonate with your personal style? You might be the perfect fit for Inspire Downtown Scottsdale! Come and decide for yourself by visiting our Sales Center, open daily from 10AM-5:30PM, located on the NE corner of Bishop & Goldwater (3637 N Goldwater Blvd, Ste 101, Scottsdale, AZ 85251). You can make an appointment by calling 480.947.7004 or emailing



September 20, 2016



Scottsdale’s tallest new residential tower offers luxury living, an array of VIP services, and world-class views


Scottsdale, Ariz. (September 20, 2016)—A new icon has emerged on Scottsdale’s glittering skyline. Deco Communities announces today that the much-anticipated $47M luxury condominium tower, ENVY Residences, will open this Friday, September 23rd, ushering in a new era of luxury residential living for Downtown Scottsdale. At eight stories tall, ENVY Residences is the tallest residential building in Scottsdale to be built in the last decade and offers some of the city’s most resplendent views.


“Our vision for bringing a cosmopolitan luxury lifestyle experience has come to life with the completion of ENVY Residences,” said Rob Lyles, Partner with Deco Communities. “For the first time ever, Downtown Scottsdale has a definitive luxury address with a museum-quality design building that offers a cadre of exclusive services and amenities, not to mention world-class views.”


Shaped by the creative genius of renowned Los Angeles architect Daniel Gehman, the building is a marvel of concrete and steel, meticulously designed to maximize light, space, and the building’s unrivaled views. Every detail is sculpted to perfection, from the exterior’s formidable gold accents to the expansive balconies that create a seamless energy with the Arizona sky.


Buyers of the 89 coveted homes at ENVY Residences quietly began moving into the building in early September. The building is now more than 50% sold.


With ten richly appointed floor plans including eight lavish penthouse designs, ENVY Residences redefines modern sophistication with premier quality finishes and exquisite details. The thoughtful and open floor plans range from 750 to over 2,400 square feet with every luxury comfort and convenience considered. Interiors curated by award-winning design teams Morgan Kofron Designs and Private Label International fuse art, fashion, and architecture with the creative use of light, textures, and shapes to deliver sensory spaces where bold, mysterious, and intuitive styles flow together in perfect unison. Residences are outfitted with sleek European-style kitchens featuring Bosch appliances, high ceilings, quartz countertops, designer fixtures and finishes, spacious walk-in closets, wood floors, and oversized balconies with city-approved gas hookups for grills.


Unique and unexpected in every way, ENVY Residences delivers an experience to rival some of the world’s most exclusive five-star hotels. VIP services residents can enjoy include: 24-hour security/concierge, The Black Label Lounge, a private club and entertaining space with secured wine storage, the 4,000 square foot Lucas James Fitness Facility featuring TRX and a yoga studio, The Starry Night Pool, which offers a high-energy pool scene, luxurious lounges, and multiple TV screens. Secured underground, tri-level parking is included for all residents with one space per bedroom.


“Our buyers want it all, and ENVY delivers an effortless cosmopolitan lifestyle where one can live in transcendent luxury in a city that’s pulsing with energy,” Lyles said. “It’s been the best of both worlds, and truly a lifestyle that elicits envy.”


ENVY Residences are now available for immediate move-in. Pricing for ENVY units range from $349,900 to over $1M. To learn more about ENVY Residences, please visit For sales inquiries or to request a private tour contact or call 480.588.6951.

For more information about ENVY Residences, to request photos, or schedule an interview with Deco Communities, please contact Melissa Rein at 602.384.4747 or



Dog Days of Summer are More Fun at a Deco Community

September 8, 2016

National Dog Day was a few weeks ago on Friday, August 26, and here at Deco, we love our furry, four-legged friends. So much, in fact, that we allow most breeds at all three of our for-sale properties, and we have even included some dog-friendly amenities.


Pet Wash Station at Edison Midtown

Deco is thrilled to offer a pet wash station at our Central Phoenix project, Edison Midtown. The set-up will be similar to something you would see at a Wag N’Wash, a large tub area with a handheld showerhead that extends for easy cleaning.

Image from Wag N'Wash

Image from Wag N’Wash

The Edison pet wash station will be a great option for residents who want to clean their pets without leaving their home, and also without getting their living space dirty and smelling of wet dog. The pet wash station will also offer a large open area perfect for drying off your newly clean pup.


Desert Garden Trail at Inspire Downtown Scottsdale

At our Scottsdale property, Inspire, we have included the Desert Garden Trail as an amenity to our residents (and their pets!). Living in a multifamily community can be difficult with dogs at times, as most units don’t have easy access to a yard area from their patio doors.

Inspire Downtown Scottsdale

Inspire Downtown Scottsdale

Deco hopes we’ve succeeded at solving this problem at Inspire Downtown Scottsdale, where residents can exercise their dogs by walking the on-site Desert Garden Trail. The Trail will be lined with sanitary bags for easy clean up.


Dog Friendly Activities in the Phoenix Valley

Aside from enjoying the on-site amenities available for your pets, there are also some great dog-friendly activities near Edison and Inspire.

In the Inspire Downtown Scottsdale neighborhood:


In the Edison Midtown neighborhood:


Dog Safety in the Arizona Summer

As any AZ resident knows, our summer temperatures are some of the hottest in the world, and can pose dangers to your dog. It’s important to be aware of the warning signs of a doggie heat stroke:

  • Heavy/uncontrolled panting
  • Excessive drooling
  • Reddened gums
  • Rapid heart rate

It’s also good to be mindful of how hot the ground gets during the day, and that the high temperature remains after the sun goes down. This is why experts recommended walking your dog before 8AM in the summer months.

As a general rule of thumb, if it’s above 90°F and sunny, it’s probably too warm for your dog to be outside for longer than 10-15 min.


Meet the Dogs of Deco

Deco Brand Manager, Lauren Witte's corgi, Conan

Deco Brand Manager, Lauren Witte’s corgi, Conan


So stylish in his D&G's

Deco’s Director of Operations’ rescue pup, Helios


The Modern Move-In Checklist

August 3, 2016

Whether you’re moving out of your parents’ house for the first time, splitting with roommates, or simply in need of some domestic guidance, we’ve got your checklist of everything a modern space needs to make it feel like a home.

Artwork is very important for a home, as it helps define its personality. The artwork you choose to show off should be something you really love, as you will be seeing it everyday. No need for the piece to be pricey as long as it’s how you want your home to feel, whether it be vintage, modern, industrial, or elegant.

Sneak peek of Susie's thoughts for the Envy model.

Entryway organizer. Another important piece to have in your home is an organizational piece for your entryway to hang your coat and drop your keys and mail when walking in the door. This is also a nice place to hang a mirror, allowing for last minute outfit or makeup checks.

Shelving is a necessity in every home. Bookshelves or hanging shelving are not only great for displaying your beautiful trinkets, but also have organizational purposes. Tips for styling your bookshelf: mix up the placement of books both vertically and horizontally. It helps to mix the arrangement as well. Another is to organize your books and trinkets by color. It’s always nice to incorporate something natural like rocks, crystals, sea glass, drift wood, etc. 

Good lighting is essential in every area of the home. Many people don’t notice how dark their rooms are because they’re acclimated to the lack of lighting. Having additional lights, such as lamps or even accent lighting are beneficial, especially in the corners of rooms. On the flip side, it is also nice to have dimmers. Dimmers allow you to change the intensity of lights for a more dramatic or intimate setting. 


Window treatments. Having the right window treatments can help transform a room’s décor and style, and can make a huge difference in the insulation and temperature of a room. Natural lighting is typically the best kind, but sometimes it needs to be blocked out. Window treatments are not only great for privacy but also add a layer of insulation to help reduce energy bills.

A luxurious throw can be used in the living room, dining room, office, or bedrooms, and adds a spark of class to any space.

Trays are something you wouldn’t normally think of off the top of your head, but these are great for entertaining and organizing. They are versatile from carrying food to displaying and organizing your coffee table or vanity, and can be a great pop of style and color!


An amazing mattress can bring significant value to your home and lifestyle. Having a good night’s rest helps your mental and physical health, which will be reflected in your home.

Candles are a great addition to the home and serve multiple purposes. They not only make beautiful centerpieces at a table, but also create great ambiance and make a space smell appealing. They also pair with any décor you have in your home, so no need to worry if it’s going to match a room’s theme.

A nook is a great place to have some ‘me’ time and wind down. Whether or not you actually have a dedicated and separate space, making the area comfortable is crucial. The centerpiece of any area meant for relaxation is a good place to sit down, so invest in some soft and supportive seating. We recommend something you can enjoy seated and lying down. Throw pillows are great for adding color and extra support to this area. Other items to consider for your nook are speakers and a bookshelf.

sample image

Plants and fresh flowers are an amazing addition to a home and go well in all areas of the house. These are always in style when decorating your home. It brings a nice splash of color and freshens the air quality of your home. For those of you who lack a green thumb, there are plants that can survive in the dark and hardly need water, and still add life to your home.

So now that we’ve covered all of your design and comfort needs, there are also other, perhaps more practical necessities that every home should have that commonly don’t make the traditional checklist:

All natural and eco-friendly cleaning supplies are important for cleaning your home but also keeping you and your family and the environment healthy and happy. Products that are natural also don’t make everything smell like chemicals. You can find them at most stores and can even make your own, customizing the scents and its specific uses.

Scissors are something you might not think about until you need them. Make sure you have a good pair that can be used for a variety of purposes; we recommend keeping them in the kitchen.  

Cloth napkins are environmentally friendly and classier than paper towels for entertaining in your new home.

A basic toolbox is something everyone should have. Even if you don’t plan on fixing that plumbing leak by yourself, you will likely need to tighten a screw or nail something to the wall many, many times throughout your life as a homeowner.

Matching towels are an easy way to make your home look put together and can add color and style to your bathrooms. Guest will also appreciate a set of towels just for them. 

Get Design Help from the Deco Design Studio

1-10 (3)

Head Designer Morgan Keister with a client in the Deco Design Studio

Deco buyers who sign by a certain period of each project have the opportunity to receive interior design guidance by our team at the Deco Design Studio. Time is almost up for prospective buyers at Edison Midtown to get in before the customization period ends. Call a sales agent today at 602-441-4669 to learn more. 


Downsizing from a House to Condo: Organization is Key

Moving is never fun; no matter how well you prepare, it always seems to be overwhelming and stressful. Add in the fact that you are downsizing from a multiple-story single-family home to a condominium, and you might be in a panic. But there are a few simple things you can do to clear the clutter and get yourself organized before the big move:


Clean out that Closet

It is critical to clean out your closet before a move. Clothes can be bulky and tend to take up a lot of space, so it’s best to compile items you don’t wish to keep and donate them to a local charity, many of whom will even pick the items up from your home.

Be honest with yourself and identify clothes you don’t wear anymore, and throw away old underwear and socks. Storing seasonal clothing under the bed or in a guest room closet is good for keeping your closet and drawers neat. A great way to keep up with what you do and don’t wear: turn all of your hangers backwards at the beginning of the year, and when you pull something out to wear, put it back the right way. Any hangers still facing the other way at year’s end mark clothes you should consider retiring.



Think about the space you are moving into and what furniture you currently have. Ask yourself questions like: Is it going to match your décor theme? How often do you actually use it? Does it have sentimental value?

If you do find that you will need to swap some of your old furniture for new ones, there are some great Arizona charities that which will pick up your unwanted furniture for donation free of charge.

Great new pieces of furniture to consider adding to your new, smaller space to stay organized are those that add style but also double as storage. Items like floor poufs and ottomans can work as footrests, extra seating, and side tables while also offering minimal storage inside.



Check Expiration Dates

Throw out everything that’s past its prime. Before you start packing, check the expiration dates on the food in your kitchen, the skin care in your bathroom, and all medication.

fridge 2


Get organized before a big move and scan and shred or file away any important paperwork you want to keep, and recycle or shred anything you can do away with. Trying to move loose papers, especially important documents you need quick access to, is a recipe for disaster.Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.52.59 AM


Think Minimal

If its something that truly makes you happy and you can’t live without, keep it. Throw out and give away duplicates and things you haven’t used in about a year. A good rule to follow: don’t keep anything you wouldn’t buy now!


Rest Easy with a Deco Purchase

Deco has a great partnership with our preferred moving company, Two Men & A Truck, who offers all Deco buyers 10% off their moving costs, in addition to a stress-free move.

And if you’re concerned about storage space, never fear! Deco properties Inspire, Envy, and Edison offer storage units located in the property’s garage space, available for purchase to every buyer.

biker girl

Worried about where you’re going to store your bike? We’ve got you covered with bike storage and repair rooms at all three our for-sale properties!


Deco Unveils ENVY VIP Black Card Vendors

July 28, 2016

In addition to the luxurious on-site amenities Envy buyers will enjoy, like the Black Label Lounge and personal fitness and nutritional advice from trainer, Lucas James, owners at Envy will receive exclusive benefits and discounts at participating Scottsdale businesses through their VIP Black Card.

Deco couldn’t be more excited to unveil the exciting vendors offering specials to our Envy residents:



Olga Brow Studio – Olga is one of the most sought after brow artists in Scottsdale and specializes in precision brow shaping. Working out of the beautiful Sachi Salon across from Scottsdale Fashion Square, Olga has a loyal following of clientele who sing her praises. Envy residents will enjoy 10% off all services provided by Olga Brow Studio.

Bevvy Logo

Bevvy – Bevvy is a gastropub in the heart of Scottsdale’s Entertainment District and gives guests the experience of an upscale restaurant with handcrafted meals and cocktails, while also offering a sports bar on the side. A built-in DJ booth, dozens of HDTVs and off-track betting on horse racing gives guests a plethora of options for entertainment on any occasion. Envy residents will enjoy 20% off food and drinks at Bevvy Monday-Friday.

The Mint Logo

The Mint –Located in what was originally a bank, The Mint boasts the largest patio in Old Town Scottsdale with resort-style cabanas. Along with the VIP accommodations there is also a private dining and wine room with amazing features such as fireplaces and a 30-foot bar. Often the location for late-night fetes, The Mint has a large dance floor and hosts some of the top Valley DJs. Envy residents will enjoy 20% off food and drinks at The Mint Monday-Friday.

Hi Fi Logo

Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails The menu at Hi Fi features unique spins on American classics, such as their specialty adult milkshakes, available in dozens of flavors. Guests can enjoy the full menu late into the night and can expect a festive crowd on the weekends. Envy residents will enjoy 20% off food and drinks at Hi Fi Monday-Friday.

Bottled Blonde Logo

Bottled Blonde Pizzeria + Beer Garden An Italian restaurant mixed with a German bier garden, Bottled Blonde offers a neighborly atmosphere. Enjoy the large patio, bites from their gourmet brick pizza oven, and local craft beers. Envy residents will enjoy 20% off food and drinks at Bottled Blonde Monday-Friday.

11310_Stickers-Individual_012116_Drip Room logo (1)

The Drip Room Medical treatment with a modern twist, The Drip Room provides IV Vitamin Drips to restore your body back to health. They offer drips, shots, boosters, and wellness packages, all in a social environment. Guests can relax in The Lounge or a sought-after massage chair before or after services. Envy residents will enjoy drips for $99 (normally $149) and mobile drips for $75 (normally $150).

vintage by misty

Vintage By Misty Owner Misty Guerriero, an interior designer by trade, opened her first location in 2005. The boutique specializes in rare fashion finds featuring fun colors and prints, great textures, and designer gems. In addition to her Scottsdale storefront, Misty also has an online store. Envy residents will enjoy $50 off their first in-store purchase, and 10% off every purchase at Vintage by Misty.

Karma Juice 2

Karma Juice Delivering organic, cold-pressed, non-GMO, gluten free juices, as well as non-dairy protein shakes, organic soups, and cold-brewed coffee to your home or office, Karma Juice makes it easy to stock your shelves with healthy alternatives to traditional beverages. Envy residents will enjoy free delivery with a minimum order of six bottles at Karma Juice.


Thirsty Lion Grill & Gastropub Combining the traditional styles of both American and European pubs, Thirsty Lion—located inside the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall—is a great place for food, beer, cocktails, and wine, especially if your feet need a break from shopping. Envy residents will enjoy 15% off food at Thirsty Lion (excluding happy hour or other offers).

Learn more about the amazing and exclusive amenities available only to Envy buyers by visiting our website.


Celebrity Fitness Trainer Lucas James Designs Envy Fitness Center

Lucas James, LLC is Arizona’s only accredited luxury healthy lifestyle company that focuses on fitness, nutrition, and health. The company’s owner and founder, Lucas James, is a “Five Star” rated celebrity personal trainer and has been nationally recognized in the health and fitness industry, working in the field for the past 19 years.

James will be the dedicated on-site fitness trainer at Deco development, Envy in Downtown Scottsdale. In addition to having a personal office inside the project’s fitness center, James will provide three complimentary training sessions to every Envy buyer, courtesy of Deco. He will also be available for individual or group sessions, as well as nutritional mentoring.

While developing the relationship between Lucas James and Envy, Deco sought guidance from the fitness guru during the design phases of the 4,000 SF fitness center. We recently caught up with James and he was kind enough to share some of his favorite elements of the facility.

‘Five Diamond Resort’ Environment

James says he chose the equipment “based off of resident demographic, technology, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. I decided to go with a high-gloss black and gold look on the equipment. The fitness center will boast several luxury fitness brands to create an environment similar to a five diamond resort and swanky lounge, but with a tasteful modern appeal. Most of he cardio equipment has built-in touch screen TVs, Wi-Fi and Internet browsing capabilities with apps and music.”

life fitness

The Envy Fitness Center will feature Life Fitness equipment

“I’m very excited because the space is going to be something Arizona’s never seen before,” says James. “It’s going to have a great lighting, beautiful hardwood floors, top-of-the-line fitness equipment, as well as the multipurpose room that features boxing, TRX, yoga, kettle bells, and much more.”

Fitness Tips for the Condo Lifestyle

While the fitness center at Envy will rival the David Barton gyms in New York and Miami, there are some who enjoy staying in shape without leaving their homes.

David Barton Gym

David Barton Gym

We asked James for his top three exercises for a condominium space: “Three exercise I would recommend for a condo would be lunges in place, standing air squats, and push-ups. Those three exercises can be done without equipment and are highly effective for any type of fitness goals.”

And what about those of us who prefer exercising outside, but can’t stand the summer heat?


“Arizona can be extremely hot in the summertime,” notes James. “So I suggest doing alternative exercises indoors, such as a spin class, boxing, or group fitness classes at any health club.”

Learn more about the posh and glamorous amenities that Envy has to offer by visiting the website, or call 480-588-6951 to schedule a tour with one of our sales agents.


Our Favorite Design Elements at Inspire Downtown Scottsdale

July 22, 2016

The very talented Morgan Keister and her team at the Deco Design Studio have been working tirelessly to make our communities glisten with style and glamour, and recently shared their favorite design elements for Deco property Inspire Downtown Scottsdale:



“Some of our favorite design materials for Inspire are our mosaics,” says Morgan. “We carefully curated a collection of decorative mosaics in various metals: reflective and mirrored materials. We love the way the light plays off of them and how they can add a funky element to a kitchen or bathroom.”

GOLD GLASSMorgan’s and her team also introduced some classic glass mosaics in new colors, inspired by the Inspire branding.


“We wanted to make sure our clients had design selections that lent themselves to the theme that they fell in love with,” she explains. “Although most of our clients like to stick with a clean, neutral palette, some do go for a bold pop of color.” Different sizes of peacock blue, bright pink melon, sunset orange, and yellow glasses were added to the list of buyer options.


Another addition Morgan introduced to the Inspire project is cabinetry selections. We have lots of new finish options and door styles to choose from, ranging from dark brown wood finishes to lighter medium finishes with grey tones.

Inspire buyers are fortunate to have so many customization options for every style, and buyers are certainly enjoying the freedom.

“Our standard selections have an updated contemporary feel, but are also very classic and timeless,” Morgan notes. “For clients looking to do something bold and unique, we have many options, as well as options for those that are traditional at heart.”

Morgan Kofron at the Deco Design Studio

Morgan Keister at the Deco Design Studio

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Customize for Phase II

Don’t miss your chance to have a completely one-of-a-kind home and to work with one of the top interior designers in the state, customization is still available for Phase II of Inspire.

Visit our Inspire Sales Center today at 3637 N Goldwater Blvd (NE Corner of Bishop & Goldwater), learn more on the Inspire website, or call a sales agent at 480-947-7004.


Why Your First Home Should Be a Condo

July 21, 2016

Homeownership is a daunting goal, and an expensive aspiration for many. In addition to the down payment, which countless buyers use the majority of their savings on, new homeowners often encounter additional, and oftentimes unforeseen, expenses related to their new purchase.

Are you one of the thousands out there trepid about your first big purchase? Perhaps you should consider an alternative to the more traditional single-family home: a condominium. Here are a few reasons why your first home should be a condo:

No More Gym Membership. Each of our projects boast luxurious fitness centers with modern equipment and the latest technology. Envy even has its own personal trainer for residents, Lucas James, who can train individuals or groups and is available as the exclusive nutritional expert. Choosing a condo over a house gives you access to these wonderful amenities and saves you the cost of a monthly gym membership.



Fitness Center at Edison Midtown

Fitness Center at Edison Midtown


Home Maintenance. Money spent on the maintenance of your home, however menial, can add up quickly, and can be extremely time-consuming and stressful. Moving into a brand new condo can help ease your anxiety of fixing old plumbing, cracked paint, or doors coming off their hinges. There are even some aspects of your condo that will be protected for a limited amount of time through the builder, and your new appliances will include the proper manufacturer warranty documentation.


Landscaping. Keeping your yard tidy and weed-free can be taxing, especially in the Arizona heat. Not only can it cause you back pain, it can also but a strain on your wallet, regardless of if you hire professionals to maintain your lawn or if you opt to purchase the tools on your own. Living in a Deco community ensures that you will always have green and luscious landscaping that is visually appealing and well-maintained, and you never have to lift a finger.



Safety. Feeling safe is one of the most important aspects of making a house, or condo, feel like a home. All of our Deco properties have gated parking and are well secured for access by residents only. We also offer great and affordable packages through Safeguard so buyers can secure their individual units. This is often not a luxury afforded to buyers of single-family houses.


Urban Environment. People of all ages are seeking the urban lifestyle. They want to ditch their cars and walk to work, dining, and entertainment. All of our Deco properties were deliberately built in areas surrounded by great restaurants, museums, galleries, and boutiques. Our property in Central Phoenix, Edison Midtown is just steps away from a Metro Light Rail stop with access to Downtown Phoenix and Tempe. We also have bike storage and repair rooms at most of our communities for our residents who prefer two wheels to four.



Sense of Community. When living at a Deco community, you will encounter your neighbors on a frequent basis, whether in the hallways, parking garage, elevator, or common areas like the pool or fitness center. Getting to know the people around you gives you a sense of community that can aid your mental wellbeing. And you’ll have plenty of friends to turn to when you run of out of sugar or eggs, or need someone to watch your dog or check your mail when you’re away on vacation.


Having a Pool. Having a pool can be a welcomed amenity in Arizona, but for many single-family homeowners, that luxury comes with high electric bills and tedious maintenance. All Deco properties have thoughtful pool and courtyard areas that maximize enjoyment and relaxation. Poolside cabanas, BBQ areas with seating, Bocce Ball, and large movie screens are features our residents can enjoy with their family and friends.

Pool at Inspire Downtown Scottsdale

Pool at Inspire Downtown Scottsdale


Investment Opportunity. Owning a condo is a great investment in today’s urban-centric society. While you may not intend to live in a condo for the rest of your life, you can always flip it for a profit when it come time to start a family, or convert it to your vacation home if your job takes you elsewhere. Either way, a condo will likely require less maintenance than a single-family home when it comes time to sell.


Entertain without the Stress. All of our Deco communities have clubrooms perfect for entertaining friends and family without the stress of making your home party ready. Envy even has the Black Label Lounge, a residents-only club with wine storage, a full kitchen, and a space for a DJ.


The Black Label Lounge at Envy

The Black Label Lounge at Envy

Have we convinced you on condo ownership yet? Visit our websites—Envy, Inspire, and Edison—to learn more about our great amenities and features, and to get in touch with someone from our sales team.


IT Sector Jobs Boom in Scottsdale

July 20, 2016

New growth is popping up everywhere in Scottsdale; between new real estate, company relocations and expansions, and restaurant and bar openings, there has never been a better time to live, work, and play in the state’s entertainment capital.

The Phoenix area has rose in the national rankings regarding the growth of tech and information jobs, with the work force thriving in recent years. A recent Forbes article named Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale as the third best city for information jobs in the US, with our share of information jobs in the local economy at 1.9%.

Many tech companies have expanded to the Valley including DoubleDutch, Gainsight, Uber, Prosper Marketplace, Yelp, Weebly, BoomTown, and Shutterfly. Information jobs tend to grow together, and prices are forcing some companies to move from original locations like San Francisco and Seattle. Arizona is at the top of the list of locations for companies to move to; employees can then benefit from lowered housing prices and accessible urban amenities.

Several notable companies have recently expanded into the Scottsdale area and continue to hire new talent.



prizelogic 2


PrizeLogic manages online contests for companies such as Taco Bell, Pepsi, and Subway. Originally a Michigan based company, PrizeLogic recently expanded into Scottsdale and is planning on hiring another 50 employees for positions in multiple areas. They plan to double their workforce during the expansion.

PrizeLogic’s office is near Scottsdale and Doubletree Ranch and they anticipate expanding internationally in the near future.



micamp 2


MiCamp Solutions is a Scottsdale-based financial services company that helps vendors become EMV chip compliant. They are the creators of the application MiPOINT for Clover, making it easier for restaurants and retailers to accept the new chip-enabled credit cards.

MiPOINT’s technology was created to solve the EMV issues vendors were having. The technology helps chip cards prevent fraud by eliminating disputes between cardholders and businesses.

MiCamp is producing results and generating more business from around the country. With only 45 employees, they are looking to expand their team. The company does training and installs the technology nationwide and has hopes of tripling their workforce in the near future.



godaddy 2


Scottsdale–based GoDaddy recently made the list of 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials by Fortune. It’s the only Arizona-based company on the list.

Having millennial employees helps the company’s growth as they strengthen referrals by asking friends and family to apply. The workforce is growing fast and has more than 50 positions open in the Valley, including openings in their Scottsdale office.



Architectural Photography by Michael Baxter, Baxter Imaging LLC

Architectural Photography by Michael Baxter, Baxter Imaging LLC


StringCan Interactive is a Scottsdale-based digital marketing company that has helped businesses with strategic online marketing and social media for about six years.

The brains behind StringCan are passionate about education and started a 90-day internship program for college students called StringCan Academy. The program is used to help businesses grow their digital marketing.



The Black Label Lounge at Envy

The Black Label Lounge at Envy

Live, Work, & Play in Scottsdale

Are you one of the thousands who will be employed in a new tech-based job in Scottsdale? We have the best options for you to live close to your office and limit your commute. Check out our properties, Envy and Inspire to find a home suited to your new Scottsdale lifestyle.